Japanese Escapades
of Dennis Lovelady
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In August, 1999, I had the opportunity to visit Japan, supposedly for three months. I enjoyed it so much that I found ways to extend the visit. As of late February, 2000, I'm still here, and still having a great time.

I've made an effort from time to time to document my escapade, and hopefully have recorded some fun and interesting observations. Initially, I had a lot of time to make my journals, but as time went on I found myself too busy to make the daily effort. That's not an indication of loss of interest at all. On the contrary.

Note that there was a lot of misunderstanding, particularly at the beginning of these journals. I considered correcting the journals to reflect actual truths, but then decided not to let the truth interfere with a good story, even if the story's not that good. Select a link below to begin reading...


September 26, 1999

October 1, 1999

October 6, 1999

November 10, 1999

December 23, 1999

August - September, 1999

September 28, 1999

October 2, 1999

October 14, 1999

November 12, 1999

January 1, 2000

September 20, 1999

September 29, 1999

October 3, 1999

October 28, 1999

December 4, 1999

Feb 19, 2000

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